The Anchor House is a faith based ministry dedicated to reconciling lost men both to God and the community through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The ministry serves the community of Kansas City and the surrounding area. The ministry currently consists of a local jail ministry as well as recovery housing for men struggling with addiction.

The Anchor House uses a discipleship method of holding residents accountable for their lives. Each resident is assigned a mentor who holds him accountable and offers Biblical discipleship and wisdom. The ministry staff is made up of former addicts who understand the challenges that face those who are held captive to the slave master of drugs and alcohol.

Founded in 2004 by Jon Belbeck to reach out to men in desperate need of help in overcoming their addictions, he turned over control of The Anchor House to a board of directors in 2012 and the ministry was granted 501(c)3 status in 2014.

It is vital to the health and longevity of a ministry like this to be grounded upon a firm foundation in the midst of an ever changing world and culture. With this in mind here is the bedrock upon which this ministry is built: Our Confession of Faith.